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You don't want to postpone and certainly not cancel?



What we first wanted to say is, we are aware that a wedding in your own four walls is by no means the same as a celebration with guests. Therefore, this is just an alternative in these difficult times for all of us, so that love will continue to be celebrated! #dontcancelLove

What are you talking about? YES – Now, more than ever it’s time to go over traditional ceremonies, and life in the here and now!

The solution is as simple as it is brilliant! You have your wedding in your own living room! You don't need much, everything you have in the apartment is enough! And of course, you can still have some things delivered!

But wait, what about our relatives and friends? NO worry, we tell you how to invite them ONLINE of course!

Ok, but I can’t get married now, I have to ask the question, of all questions first! NO worry, we also get you covered, swipe to “your perfect living room marriage proposal”

What do you need for a wedding in your own four walls?

LET'S START WITH THE “Living Room Ceremony”

Topic: Moody light

How are you able to create a festive but yet cozy mood? Of course candles, use the ones you already have in your home, if you don't have any and don't want to go for it without them, make sure that you order candles that are produced in your own country, this way you support the currently struggling producer and you are also more ecologically. And if you pay attention to what materials were used to make the candle, you are top!

But there are also other gorgeous possibilities to create a wonderful light; do you have fairy lights? Maybe even a disco ball? Flashlights, or any other ambient light (maybe from your TV) - use everything that is available to create an unmistakable atmosphere. Insider: Even if it is still daylight, lights always make a difference!

Topic: Decoration

Do you have a shelf, some boxes or just vases or pots? Think about what you have and let's start. Put them in the living room on the wall or in the middle of the room (if you don't want to move anything). You can fill the shelf, the boxes (stacked on top of each other) with candles, lights or other decoration material - everything is allowed! Be creative! You can also make your own garlands; on Pinterest you will find great inspiration and DIY`s!

Not your thing? Do you live in Switzerland? Maybe even in Bern? All our decoration material is available for a small rental fee! Don't worry, it's all disinfected and will be delivered to your door in a box, where you can put it back the next day and it will be picked up. No contact, safety first!

Topic: Flowers

Yes, what would a wedding be without flowers! And currently it is more than necessary to support our local florists! Often you can order great flowers online (website, Instagram etc.) - See what else is available! Of course, roses are always the classic but there are also very nice alternatives! and maybe you are thinking about using potted plants? you can keep them and remember your own living room wedding! And ask your florist for tie a bridal bouquet and a Boutonniere for you!

And now? What about the "guests"?

There are countless possibilities how you can have your guests with you:

  • Zoom

  • Sype

  • Facetime (Attention limited number of participants)

  • WhatsApp Video Call (Attention limited number of participants)

  • Facebook LIVE (Attention it's public)

  • Instagram LIVE (Attention it's public)

Not a fan of LIVE Streaming or video calls? then you can also just make a video, which we recommend anyway, so you have memories! Set up your phone and let’s start filming and share it with your loved ones once its done!

INSIDER: If you do have guests online, tell them what to wear, just like what you’ve planned for your wedding. And what most guests have already bought for your wedding, they can wear it now! We promise; it makes a huge difference!

Invite the guests officially, just like you have already done for your big day. Let them know how and when they can attend the online ceremony, and at what time! Send them everything they need to know by email, WhatsApp or online message:

  1. When, exact time

  2. Where, link to participate or let them know you're calling them

  3. What you wish; "please dress chic", "your participation is desired with dress code XY" etc.

You are not so into LIVE Streaming or having them on a video Call? then you can also just make a video, which we recommend anyway, so you have memories! Set up your phone and let’s start filming!

hmm... but wait, what are we doing at the ceremony??

What else would you do in your ceremony? Did you write your vows? Do you have your rings ready? Do you have your suit and tie and wedding dress on?

  • Change your vows

  • Change your rings

INSIDER: Maybe do a small ritual? Beside of changing your rings;

How about filling two vases with sand or small stones? Pour them into a third vase together to create a unique picture and show your connection!

  • Kiss, Kiss, Kiss and Kiss!

What else belongs to a wedding?

A table for two, please! What could be better than a meal for two?

Living Room Wedding Dinner

Topic: Food

Cooking would be a hit! But having to cook for the big day is a bit tiring, isn't it?

There are many great caterers who really try to make people's everyday life happy now! Support these caterings and order a menu you love! You can also ask if they would create something special for you! Wow your own wedding menu just for at home! Who can say that!

If you live in Berne, Switzerland: We highly recommend: ROH & NOBEL!

Topic: Decoration

Use the objects and decorations that you have already painstakingly selected for the ceremony. Use the crockery, cutlery and glasses you have at home - not everything has to be perfect! But here are a few insiders from us to help you - or watch our video on IGTV for an online dinner:

  • If you don't have a nice table surface, use a tablecloth (often fabrics like linen or other natural materials are the most beautiful and harmonize perfectly with any kind of tableware.

  • Even if it is "only" at home, use place plates or placemats that give the necessary framework.

  • Plates can often be combined with different shapes, so just use what you have at home in your cupboard! It often just takes some courage!

  • Whenever possible use cloth napkins (and be sure to wash them after use with mid. 60C - if possible, to get rid of bacteria and dirt). In the current situation you can do without them or use paper napkins, but make sure you use an ecological production and material.

  • For decoration, do you have nice candlesticks? Yes, then use them! If not, of course you can also use tea lights or other LED drops! Or ask us for some rentals!

INSIDER: And what else could be the highlight?

Exactly, if your guests are also attending for the online dinner! Preferably with the same menu! HA, how perfect would that be!?

Stop by, rent what you need for your own

created living room wedding!

If you have any questions we will be at your side!

Check out our free Checklist for your postponement!


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