The Quarantine Marriage Proposal

- Prove That Love Always Wins!

COVID-19 can't take proposals away from us!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

You haven't asked the question of all questions yet? Did you want to do this during your holidays, far away from home? in a special place? In a place that always reminds you of this moment? A place that inspires and is familiar to you? Yeah, and now, should you just postpone the question?


No, because life goes on but in a different way - COVID-19 might have spoiled several proposal plans but one thing is for sure: The pandemic hasn't stopped anyone from popping the question and where wouldn't this question be better than at home where often several romantic hours have been spent together, where plans have been worked out together, where we have been bored together or laughed together, where would it be better than here?


“Honestly, my proposal was also in our own four walls and that even before the time of the coronavirus! I would be lying if I said as a woman, it was what I wished for. BUT it was real, it was unique and it was perfect in its own way! It was just the two of us, it was in a place that we have known for over 10 years, it was a place that we lived together day by day. This place gives us security and safety. We have already experienced a lot together and this apartment has always been our retreat and our common home, so why not ask this one important question here? And yes, there will be tears, that’s for sure!”

What you need for a living room wedding proposal

The only difficult thing is to create a short surprise effect. A moment to prepare everything and make it "nice."

So why not take a moment when your partner is in the shower?

Scatter a few flower petals or rose petals, some music and wait for the loved one to come out the shower. And Surprise-Surprise – follow the petals to your kneeling partner with the question waiting for you “Will you marry me?”

or a little more effort with candles and pictures showing you both?

Be creative here, what do you have in mind? what is it that makes you two unique?

If you don't have any decoration elements yet, don’t worry, we can deliver you some nice and effectful decors. Get in touch with us! you have trouble finding the right words? No problem, we can help you, write us - also on WhatsApp! we are here for you and support you!

Here an inspiration how a living room wedding proposal could looks like:




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